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For most people, eating healthy and working out is about getting in better shape, but it has benefits that extend way beyond physical appearance. The sense of accomplishment you feel after a good work out feels amazing, and it's proven to improve mental health, relieve stress, and boost confidence. God created this earth with perfectly formulated foods that increase energy and keep our bodies functioning properly. It's amazing how eating the way he intended can help you have more mental clarity and fight off disease!

Practicing self-control can be difficult, but God desires us to be in good physical condition so we can serve others whenever and wherever he calls us to go. If you aren't sure where to start, here are a few easy steps you can take toward eating cleaner & getting more active:

1. Eat less sugar & drink more water. 
There's sugar in almost all processed foods, so if you start avoiding items with sugar, you'll already be making better choices!

2. Get moving every day.
Take your dog for a walk. Do squats every time a commercial comes on during your favorite show. Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise and never stop challenging yourself.

3. Listen to your body!
If you feel fatigued, achy, or foggy, it's because your body is telling you that something is wrong. Consider doing a cleanse so you can start fresh and see if there are foods that are bothering you. And remember, every body is different!

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