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What One Question Would You Ask Jesus?

Now when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceedingly glad; for he had desired for a long time to see Him, because he had heard many things about Him…And he questioned Him with many words…(Luke 23:8-9).

Someone once asked Larry King, the legendary television interviewer: if he could sit across the table and interview one person in all of history, who would it be?  “Jesus Christ,” said this man who is Jewish.

“And what would you ask him?”

“I would like to ask Him  if He was indeed virgin-born. The answer to that question would define history for me.”

To be sure. That answer could change everything. As it has for many a person. So with the resurrection. Answer that in the affirmative and everything else falls into place.

Throughout the Gospels, we find many people asking Jesus one question.

And then, they go on their way. We have to wonder if through the years, as they reflected on their single moment with Destiny, this one touch with the Divine, they didn’t regret the shallowness or superficiality of their request.

Here are some:

Why fast?

The disciples of John asked why they had to fast, but Jesus’ disciples were not required to (Matthew 9:14).

Heal on the Sabbath?

The tricksters asked Him, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?” that they might accuse Him (Matthew 12:10).  It’s not a bad question, although they didn’t care for the Lord’s answer.

Why offend?

His disciples said, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard (Jesus’ teachings about  hypocrisy)?” (Matthew 15:12).  We smile at the naivete of the disciples. Little did they know the Lord had every intention of offending these hypocrites.

Lawful to divorce?

The Pharisees came, testing Him, and saying, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?” (Matthew 19:3).

How do I earn eternal life?

A young man came to Him and said, “Good Teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16).  Great question and a good discussion to follow. However,  once again, the questioner did not care for the Lord’s answer.

What will I get?

Peter said to Him, “See, we have left all and followed You. Therefore, what shall we have?” (Matthew 19:27).  It was self-centered, but the Lord honored it with a serious answer.

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