Sunday Celebration Service

Sunday service starts off with prayers and singing. CCC has a Music team with a variety of musical styles. You will notice the Chorals and worship team plays a mix of updated hymns along with current songs and choruses. A Volunteer Minister will welcome and greet the congregation with an inspirational thought and prayer.

We invite you with open arms to come along to our church, We hope that you can join with us in worship and God’s word. If you have needs, and want someone to listen and to pray, we’re here for you with open hearts. And God’s love to give away.

Mid Week Service

We will gather again for worship at 6:00 pm on Wednessday and hear another sermon from Rev Ransford Obeng. We want to extend this invitation for you to come along and become part of our church family, where you feel that you belong. For you are valued by the Lord and He has a purpose for you. He’s placed within you special gifts he longs for you to use. And we, as a church, would love to see you grow within your gifts, For then we all can receive a blessing. With what God’s blessed you with.