Welcome to Calvary Charismatic Centre! When you walk in the door,

you’re with family. We want you to always feel like you’re coming home.

“Where we are going is better than where we have been”.
-Rev Ransford Obeng

- Rev Ransford Obeng


Calvary Charismatic Centre is a non-denominational, Christian church located in Ashanti Region, Ghana. The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform hearts and change lives forever. Here at Calvary Charismatic Centre, we are one family who believe that we are called to love our city and serve our communities the same way Jesus loves and serves us. Whether you're new to Calvary Charismatic Centre or consider this your home church, our hope is that when you walk through the doors of one of our campus, you will feel the tangible presence of God and know that you are loved and welcomed.

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Why Do We Fear?

Fear is rooted in what we believe. Circumstances, words, and things we see or hear can provoke it. To live a victorious life for Christ, we must harness our fears. Even though the disciples lived with Jesus and saw Him perform many miracles such as, healing the sick, raising the...

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What One Question Would You Ask Jesus?

Now when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceedingly glad; for he had desired for a long time to see Him, because he had heard many things about Him…And he questioned Him with many words…(Luke 23:8-9). Someone once asked Larry King, the legendary television interviewer: if he could sit across the...

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