Production Ministry

The production ministry exists;

  • To provide world-class technical service to our church community.
  • To operate the technologies of audio, lighting, video, and graphical presentations integrating them flawlessly in order to equip and enhance the outreach and mission of CCC.

1. Photography Team

  • The Photography Team works by capturing images of events, services and any other function related to the CCC programs.

2. Video Team (including Computer Graphics) and Video Editors (Media)

  • The Video Team is responsible for the production of church announcements through videos and the videoing of programs and others as will be approved by the CCC leadership from time to time.
  • The video team provides video coverage for weekend services, mid-week services, small gatherings, workshops, or large-scale conferences.

3. News Team (Media)

  • The News Team is responsible for the reading and presentation of church announcements and reports on all church special programs events.

4. Projection and Graphics Team

  • The Projection and Graphics Team provides powerful graphic aid to the message and worship shared in our various services, venues, and ministry events.

5. Social Media Team (Media)

  • The Social Media Team connects with our community, promoting various activities and events through social media.
  • This team also helps to create awareness for our church and various ministries using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media to connect the community with what’s going on in and around CCC.
  • Volunteers of the team help to develop creative messaging for posts, tweets, and photographs.

6. Audio and Sound Team

  • The Audio and Sound team provides care for the greatest amount of technical needs for the ministries at CCC.
  • This team also sets up audio support for our worship services and any other event organized.