outreach and care ministry

The Outreach and Care Ministry exists;

  • To reach out into the community to reach one more for Jesus.
  • To assist with events that the Outreach team undertakes in the communities.
  • To maintain a clean positive environment for all church attendees whether they are new, old, or visiting for the first time.
  • To provide encouragement and hope to people in difficult circumstances.

1. Visitation Team

  • This team draws up programs and activities that enable the ministry to reach out to all the members in their homes.

2. Bereavement Team

  • The Bereavement Team offers compassion and assistance to bereaved families through our support means and programs.

3. Evangelism & Follow- Up Team

  • The Evangelism & Follow-Up Team reaches out to the community to win souls for the Kingdom.
  • This team also follows up on the individuals who have been reached out to in order to connect them and draw them closer.

4. Wedding Planners Team

  • This team helps church members in the planning of their weddings and its relevant details.

5. Telephone Calls Team

  • This team is responsible for making phone calls to all visitors and members as may be prescribed by the church leadership.