Children’s Ministry

This ministry exists;

  • To provide teachings and services to children to help them make wise decisions, trust God, love others, and comprehend God’s word

1. Pre-School / Care givers

  • They handle the nursery and kindergarten (6 weeks to 3 years) classes.
  • They provide children the chance to grow in a loving, caring environment that teaches
    biblical models specific to their age.

2. Lower Primary

  • They handle children belonging to classes 1 to 3.
  • They engage them in captivating environments filled with bible lessons and stories that will develop their faith, character, and purpose in life.

3. Upper Primary

  • They handle children belonging to classes 4 to classes 6.
  • Here, the caregivers create an environment that not only enables spiritual growth but also encourages strong relationships with other children.

4. jhs

  • They handle children from JHS 1 up to JHS 3.
  • Here, the caregivers are responsible for creating an atmosphere that fosters friendship and togetherness and creates a sense of purpose in their lives.

5. Children Outreach Team

  • The outreach team comprises children at every level and the children’s ministry workers.
  • They provide teachings and help the children to learn the basic ways to reach out and to spread the news to their fellow young friends and even to adults.
  • They organize the children to undertake outreach events as led by the leadership.

6. House Helps’ Teachers

  • They provide spiritual training to house helps through activities like bible study groups, offering prayer, and organizing support and care sessions.