family life


Newly engaged? Congratulations! We at the Calvary Charismatic Center believed that God created marriage and that He wants you to have a happy and successful marriage! You will receive practical biblical guidance from our marriage preparation program to help you get ready for a solid, Christ-centered marriage that will last a lifetime.

Marital procedure includes:

  • Couples are required to talk to the head or pastor in charge of the family life concerning their plans for marriage.
  • The head or pastor in charge of the family life directs the couple to the secretary in charge of the family life office to pick forms and fill and should  to be brought back to the secretary to start processing their data
  • The secretary gives the forms to the head or pastor in charge of the family life and he ask the secretary to book an appointment with the respective couples
  • He then has a one on one interactive session with the couple to know their readiness and maturity for marriage
  • He then assigns counselors to couples who qualify for marriage
  • Counselors are assigned to couples for intensive counseling sessions for a period of three(3) months
  • A completed form is then given to the couples and their respective counselors to fill out and sign after the counseling.